How To Use A Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom With a Shorty Helmet

So, you want to use a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom or headset like the Scala G4 or Sena SMH10. You are convinced of the benefits of having an intercom or listening to music, pairing to your phone etc but half the year (the half that you ride the most) is hot and you wear a half helmet. Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms can be attached to the half helmet in the same way as any other helmet but the challenge is where to put the speakers. Here are your best options:

Sena SpH10 – The Sena SPH10 behind the ear intercom was released late in 2011. It is designed to be used with a shorty helmet or with no helmet at all. If your helmet choices are half helmet and no helmet the Sena SPH10 may just fit your needs.., if it fits your head. It seems to fit average and bigger than average heads well but you will want to try it on and make sure the speakers sit just over your ear canals. The drawback to using the SPH10 is that it CANNOT be used with a 3/4 or full face helmet. So if you wear a full face helmet in the winter months consider one of these other options.

Use Speaker Pouches – IMC is the manufacturer of Harley headsets and their speaker pouches (sku is HF-pads) can be purchased for about $25. These pads slide between the helmet shell and its lining. You can then install the Bluetooth motorcycle intercom speakers into the pouches. The v-strap of the helmet holds the speaker pouch to your ear. This option allows you to choose from most any of the Bluetooth motorcycle headsets on the market today and if you get a Scala G4 or Sena SMH10 you can buy an additional helmet clamp for about $35 that can be installed on your winter helmet. The Bluetooth intercom module can then be transferred easily between helmets. Both the Scala G4 and the Sena SMH10 have enough volume to be heard over the wind and exhaust noise under normal riding conditions and speeds. Many other Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms do NOT have enough volume and are not suitable for half helmet use.

Use Ear Buds – This option is currently only available if you buy a Sena SMH10 and the additional ear bud clamp(SMH-A0303). If your bike has loud pipes or if you simply want to enjoy the best sound with minimal wind noise this is the best option. But don’t settle for normal ear buds that came with your iPod or MP3 player as these often don’t stay in well and may end up being a distraction while riding. You will want to get a pair of “in ear speakers” that have foam or rubber around them to fill your ear canal. This will help them stay in better and block out the wind / motorcycle noise.