How to Use a Drill Press

The basic tool in a wood shop is the drill press. The drill press was invented around 1914. Since that time not many changes have been made. The function of a drill press is to drill a hole into a piece of work repeatedly. They can even be arranged to be used as a driller.

Step 1
Choose the correct drill diameter for the holes that need to be drilled. Then you need to pick ether a machine drill or a wood working drill. Wood drills use a corkscrew kind of cutting edge. It can not run too fast because the work piece will jolt if used too fast. This is hazardousous.

Step 2
Setting the depth of the hole

This is done by using the plunge depth on the side of the spindle. The lock nuts can be set up or down.

Step 3
Clamp the piece

Now you need to clamp the piece down to the table in a secure fashion. This is done by aligning the drill bit to a mark that indicates where to drill the holes. Then you select a motor speed that matches the diameter of the drill and the type of material that is being used.

Step 4
Turning the press on.

Lower the drill slowly into the piece that you are working on, until the spindle hits the depth setting.

Tip: If you want to get an angled hole, you just need to get an angled ramp to place your work on.

There you have it! Just make sure that you are careful and do not injure yourself and you should be fine.