How to Use a Medical Lift Chair the Right Way

Medical lift chairs, also called recliner lift chairs, are very helpful for seniors and those with mobility challenges. But there is a certain way they should be used and set up for the maximum benefit. Here is how to use a medical lift chair and set it up the right way.

Medical lift chairs are a great tool and piece of furniture for anyone that has trouble getting in and out of chairs. They are designed to make it very easier for a person getting into a chair and help the person get up out of the chair when they want to stand up.

These are big, heavy chairs, a lot like a traditional recliner. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate people of different sizes. When bring this piece of furniture into the home you want to make sure you have enough space. It is important to keep in mind that the chair will be tipping and reclining, so make sure the chair is at a minimum 2 feet from any walls or surrounding furniture. Depending on the version, some fop the chairs will recline 180 degrees, so you want to make sure it is on a space that you won’t knock anything over.

As well, you want to make sure there are no area rugs in front of the chair. The person getting into this chair will have mobility challenges to begin with and a lose rug will present a slip and fall hazard.

After placing the chair in the appropriate space, it will need to be plugged into the wall. Also, make sure it is securely attached at the back of the chair. Most lift chairs have power systems that include a battery backup. That is very helpful so the chair still operates in the event of a black out. Make sure this battery back up is functioning and is turned on.

On many recliner lift chairs the remote that controls the reclining feature will require batteries. If that is the case make sure you put in the proper batteries.

When preparing to sit in the chair, make sure the chair is fully raised first. That way all you have to do is back into it and sit slightly. Sitting should take very little bending of the knees.

Once you are positioned in the hair press the button on the remote control to adjust the recline position. You will be able to stop at any position that is comfortable. A 2 position chair will recline anywhere up to 90 degrees. A 3 position chair will recline anywhere up to 180 degrees. The infinite chair will have a separate button to adjust the foot rest.

You want to make sure you always keep the hand controller within reach so you can quickly make an adjustment when desired.

When you want to get out of the lift chair, once again press the button on the controller and tilt the chair forward. Let the chair do the work. You should be able to step right out of the chair very easily.