How To Use A Non-Working Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, you may not use it throughout the year; in fact, you may not use it at all. Do not let this space go undecorated. If you do not use your fireplace, then create a focal point in the room or just help it to look stylish. One thing you need to consider is the fact that if your fireplace is still usable, you do not want to make any permanent changes.


Wrought iron has always been popular around a fireplace. Today, you can purchase wrought iron decor just for the fireplace. It can have a vintage or rustic decor; bears, moose, pine trees, and more. Place the wrought iron firebox inside the fireplace and then stack the wood on it until the fireplace is full. You can place a set of Christmas lights around the opening of the fireplace to complete the decor.


The last thing you think about placing in your fireplace are books but did you know that your fireplace can become a bookshelf? Stack the books inside the fireplace with the spines facing out. Stack from the floor to the top of the fireplace. If you want to make this even more personal, place only the leather bound books or antique books that you have collected throughout the years.


Your mantle has been a place to display pictures and beautiful decorations for years. Now that you are not using your fireplace, use this small area to display your latest collection of pottery or antiques. You can place a removable display light inside the fireplace.

Your Own Botanical Garden

Every home needs some green foliage and the fireplace is the best place to display. Just like a flower shop changes the arrangement in their display window; you can change the display in your fireplace. Place the flowers in season near the front and highlight it by placing green foliage in the back. Your possibilities are endless.

By the Light

You can also use the fireplace for a simple elegant glow if you choose. However, you do not need a roaring fire to get that glow. Place a variety of different size candles in the fireplace. Light them at the same time so you can have an even glow. Place holiday lights inside the fireplace for a light glow.

Complete Your Look

You can complete the look by placing modern area rugs in front.If you are decorating with flowers, you can place flower rugs in front of the fireplace to complete the decor. There are so many different ways to decorate the mantle to reflect the complete look that you want to create. Display pictures, add a few candles, or place a mantle clock in the middle of the mantle to balance your overall look. If you are decorating the fireplace, use the mantle to accent your look. With just a few simple changes and about one hour, your fireplace can be a new place in your home to decorate.