How to Use Love Quotes to Express Your Romantic Side

Every one has a romantic side deep within themselves. There is one Romeo in every one of us. So if you think being romantic is not your cup of tea, think again. If you car deck is filled with Love Songs CDs, you are romantic. If you are eager to know your partner’s reaction after doing something special for him/her, you are a romantic. If you feel ecstatic seeing the sight of your partner smiling, you are romantic.

So if everyone is so romantic, why do women tend to think their man is clueless in terms of romanticism? It’s Simple, because men do not express their love as much as they should. They find it difficult to let out their romantic side. But it is not that difficult. You can use Love quotes to express our loving and romantic feelings for your sweet heart. Here are few ways to use quotes about love to express your emotions.

1- Put Love Quotes on the mirror

Collect some romantic quotes from the web and put them in the mirror used by your sweet heart. Write it big enough to be easily noticed by her. You can use tooth paste or shaving cream to write. Add some smileys along with quote to further enhance their effectiveness.

Make sure to choose the quote that resonate with you and describes something only you and she could understand. When she wakes up in the morning and sit in front of the mirror to get ready, she’d definitely love it.

2- Make a picture Frame

Took any one of your wedding picture and elaborate it a little bit by putting love quotes along with heart signs on it. Weird as it may sound but it is extremely romantic, Isn’t it?

3- Engrave Love quote on Soap

Wake up little earlier then your better half. Go to restroom. Take soap in your hands and engrave a short beautiful quote into it using needle or similar pointed object.

These are just a few of endless ways of expressing your romantic side using romantic love quotes. Be creative, think out of the box and you can come up with plenty of ways to give your partner the gift of love and romance.