How to Use Power Tools

Power tools make it possible to do many tasks quickly and efficiently. As the name suggests, they use power or electricity to function and thus are not manual. It reduces the time taken for a task which is most of the times subject to manual intervention and errors. Power Tools are designed to work for you and make your job easier. When used properly, they help minimize errors and maximize safety. Some of the common Power tools used are Circular Saw, Grinding Wheel, Polisher, Circular Saw Blade, Hammer Drill and many more.

As they use electricity and have fast-moving parts, exercising caution while using them is essential. To keep safe with power tools, you have to be aware of two major factors: the action of the tools and what powers them. Here are some tips that help you use Power Tools efficiently and effectively.

o Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions when using power tool. Yes, we ask you to read them.

o Keep all tools well maintained, always making sure that they are disconnected before working on them. Blades should be kept sharp.

o Choose the right tool for the job. Examine each tool including power cords and pneumatic hoses. Do not use if it is damaged. Be sure to tag it “Don’t Use,” as a reminder to yourself and others.

o Test first before applying. Every time you power up a tool like a drill, saw or nut wrench you’ll generate torque. Make sure that you are well balanced with a good grip before using it as intended. When you are done with a tool, disconnect it, never carrying it by the cord or hose.

o Protect you eyes, lungs and extremities. Always wear personal protective gear like head mask or goggles.

o Electric tools present unique hazards, the single biggest one being that electricity always wants to make a path to ground. It could be you. Power tools should always have a grounded three-wire cord. Never plug a three-prong cord into a two-prong receptacle.

o Short Circuits are common when you use anything that works on electricity. Wear gloves and boots for an additional layer of insulation.

Don’t use electrical power tools on wet shrubs or grass. When done with your tools, store them in a clean dry place.

With these precautions, you are pretty safe to use Power Tools. Remember, precaution is better than cure!