How to Wall Mount Your Flat Screen Plasma TV

A plasma television set wall mount is a relatively suitable and trendy way to mount your television set to the wall. Flat screen TV wall mounts saves space in the room and avoids extra furniture. They have different options that will allow you to adjust the screen to different angles so that you can watch TV from wherever you are in the room!

Installing Plasma TV Wall Mount

To enjoy the features and big screen of your Plasma TV, it is very important to make sure that the mounting of your TV on the wall is properly made. If you are not hiring a professional and confident that you can fix it, the following are the steps to install wall mount for your flat screen Plasma TV.

o Find studs in the wall

Once you select the suitable wall mount and the exact location of the wall mount on the wall, you need to find the studs in that wall location. It is very important that the mount is securely fixed to a stud. Find the center of the stud for the best results. You can easily find the studs in the wall using a stud finder.

o Drill into the wall

Mark the center of the stud with pencil on the wall. Ensure the mounting bracket locations are level and that the height is appropriate by using a cardboard of the size of the flat TV. Once you are sure that the correct markings are made, drill in to the markings on the studs. Make sure two or three times before drilling into the wall for the correct levels.

o Attach the mount and drill for the cables

After exactly drilling into the studs, attach the mount to the wall with the screws. Double check to ensure that the wall mount is level. Drill a hole behind the bracket to hide the wiring. Once it is done pull the cables through the wall. If you don’t want to drill again, use tapes and other tools to hide the cables.

o Attach the Flat TV

Once you are done with the wiring, the last step is to fix the TV set to the wall mount. As flat TV is often heavy, you need another person to hold it at least for few minutes. It’s a good idea to attach all of the cables to the TV before fixing it to the mount. Otherwise, it is difficult to connect the cords with insufficient space between the wall and the TV. You will not have this problem if you have swivel & tilt TV wall mount.

Once you finish the above step, you are successfully done with fixing the wall mount for your flat screen plasma TV. Enjoy the wall mounted flat screen TV that adds beauty and elegance to your living room and gives you a great entertainment experience.