How to Wear a Condom – Do You Ruin Sex by Making These Common Mistakes?

Most condom failures are the result of people not using them correctly. Things like breakage, firing, and sliding off are all very preventable problems if you follow just five simple steps. These steps will also improve your enjoyment of sex and increase the frequency and intensity of your woman's orgasms.

Open the package carefully . One of the primary ways condoms get damaged is men opening the package too hastily. Always use both hands to open the package on one of the sides. Never tear it open in the middle and never use your teeth.

Store them for no longer than five years . The storage location should be dry and cool. Heat breaks down latex and really reduces its strength. Never keep condoms in your wallet. A dresser drawer or some other similar location works best.

Use the proper amount of the right lubricant . Too much friction during sex often causes condoms to break. The easiest way to prevent this is to use lubrication. A few drops should do the trick, but if you are unsure of how much to use, too much is better than too little.

Two things that do not mix are latex and oil. Oil based lubricants degrade the quality of latex and make the condoms weaker. You should only use water based lubricants with latex. If you are using polyurethane condoms, oil or water based lubricants work equally well.

Use the right size of condom . Slide offs and breakage can be prevented by using the appropriate size of condom. In addition, you will find both you and your partner enjoy sex more with a properly fitted condom. It allows your partner to feel your shape more fully and puts less material between you and your woman so that you get more intense pleasure.