How To Write A Concrete and Motivating Poem

Hi! I am Atanu, now with you to discuss about how to write a concrete and motivational poem. We all know that, literature is the mirror of the society. Therefore, we must say that a good literature or a literary piece must reflect the contemporary society as it is. A poem is a rhythmic form of literature. A concrete poem in my thought will must be hyperlinked with the society through the saga of the civilians, religious culture, educational nourishment, bla-bla-bla or damn direct. Recently, those who are literary-freak must have noted that the new-age poems often are lacking either the rhythm or the sense and sometimes ridiculously lacking both. Many a literary magazines are giving or providing that kind of poem a space too to flourish.

However, my poem has been selected to be a part of a top-class magazine does not mean or did not always carry a message that I am a great poet and my poems are concrete blocks from every dimensional aspect. I think, at first a poet should relate with the reader. I am damn sure about it, if you succeed to relate to your reader properly; your poem must be acclaimed and will be accepted all-over. Just try to think of a logical character in front of you while writing. Then just try seriously to not to write but to say the character some words from the core of your heart, the words that you feel. Please write down the words you are saying or going to say up, obviously in that very language. Hey! See, your poem is as concrete as your words. Still your job is not over. Now you have to spread your sight in another side of the creature. It will be far better if your creation ie the verse or the poem motivates at least one of your reader. You may be now in a thought, conflicted about how to motivate, or is it possible to motivate someone who is not in front of you! It is not very tough.

I personally think that it is damn easier than to drive your own scratch less SEDAN or SUV in a busy traffic. Here you also have must to be a good driver; who drive the words in the blank paper-way. It is nothing but a touch of a sensitive hand or a touch of heals. Every living being in the greater society is being lives sad in various ways. No one can say it loud that he or she is happy from all the earthy aspects. You please do not target the entire society to heal. Look upon a person in your range or you know thoroughly. Just board a little deep in that pity heart. Touch by a healing hand with some intimate words that can force the being to cry from the soul. Then say some words from an acute positive aspect that can boost-up thee. Hey! Write down the entire lines you said to him or her. Now you have done your job. I did not know whether I am fully clear to you all or not. However, honestly, I really expect your remarks; either the positive or negative. Ask me any further question related about the topic. I will be glad to clarify thy to all of you and that will be my eminent pleasure.