How Video Will Improve Your Conversions

Gone are the days when one would need to build full blown review sites. Now it is much easier to utilize the power of online video. Create a review video and upload your content to YouTube.

Why should we use video?

That's an interesting question. Well the main reason is that it can do wonders for your conversions. Imagine if you are an affiliate and sell products from the Amazon site for example. You could create simple review pages full of text. This does not always engage the reader though and sometimes they just do not want to read paragraph upon paragraph of text. When you provide video on your Amazon promotion page, you will find not only do you get a higher click through rate, but you also will get higher conversions.

Usually by adding online video you will find that:

a) Video tend to pre sell the person far better than plain text. As a result you will see higher conversion rates.

b) People would rather watch a video than read long text

c) By having video on your site you are making visitors stay longer which does wonders for your search engine rankings. It is known that Google prefers websites where the visitor hangs around for longer. Google can tell that video was relevant to the search entered and this gives you a boost in the search engines also.

Of course you could use both video and text to pre sell the customer. In fact that could work better. The fact is you need to use video somehow in your marketing strategy. Video is everywhere today and it makes sense that a sales page should contain video content.

If you are able to demonstrate the workings of a product then that will help your conversions also. Sometimes just showing yourself opening the box and pointing the product at the camera is good enough. The point is, you are giving some visual value to the visitor to your web page.

Think of how this kind of modern marketing works on television. Ever seen QVC or any of the other shopping channels? If you have you will have noticed just how visual it can be. The presenter (s) will talk for ages on a product, explaining what it can do and the benefits and features. They also show the physical product and even show how it works. By the end of the demonstration the viewer has become so convinced that they will reach for the telephone to place an order. Imagine if the presenter just talked away about the product and never showed you what it looked like. You probably would think twice before buying it if this were the case.

The shopping channels offer the viewer a fantastic visual experience and this is the reason why they sell so many products. Do not you think you could do the same thing with your own products? It's really not hard at all and you do not need to hire professional video photographers to get your message out there.

Video and YouTube

Video converters, that's the bottom line. If you are not using video as part of your marketing strategy then you are missing out on a whole new angle. I know myself if I want to know more about a product the first place I go is YouTube. This is the online video service that has a video for just about everything.

Take the mobile phone for example. Many times people will video a demonstration of their phone and take the viewer through each feature. Yes a lot of it may be amateur footage, but this is good enough. In fact I would say it is better because it is raw. Who wants to see some corporate company adding unnecessary special effects to the video? Not only is it distracting, but it also offers nothing to the experience.

Get your products onto video today and watch your conversions rocket. Do not let your competitors get ahead of you.