How You Can Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

A home decor designer knows that lighting is one of the most important elements of design. It can make a room come alive, if applied in the right way. However, when applied in the wrong way, lighting can make a room gloomy and depressing. Basically there are three types of lighting that should work together to light up a room, the bathroom included. A good lighting plan should include those three types, and sometimes a fourth, called decorative lighting. Here are ways that you can use task lighting to make your bathroom come alive.

Task lighting is very important, especially in areas where you need specific lighting. In other words you can use task lighting for tasks such as shaving, applying make-up and other forms of personal grooming.

First, it is advised to affix task lighting either above the vanity mirror located near the sink or on both sides of the mirror. This ensures that your bathroom has good task lighting.

Secondly, it is advised that the vanity lights fixtures around the mirror be glowing or halogen types as they will allow you to have easy access to controlling the brightness of the fixtures with a dimmer, which is also very energy efficient.

Further, ensure that the vanity light fixtures you have selected provide more than adequate light. One of the classical methods that you can use to make sure of this is to over light the room. Then use the dimmer switch to bring down the brightness to the glow that you want or will need, depending on the mood.

It is also a good idea to use special neodymium light bulbs in the vanity light fixtures, as they provide excellent lighting that has a slight tint to it. The lighting will create light that is more like the sun, which is created by the coating of neodymium.

Avid using recessed lights to light up your face while standing at a mirror. The illumination caused by these types of fixtures will cast too many shadows on your face. Alternately, you can use recessed lights anywhere else in the bathroom.

Try placing a small, lit concave mirror near the vanity mirror. The shape of the mirror will amplify what you see in it, and the excess light will help you in tasks such as shaving and applying makeup.

Recessed lights can also be used to light up the shower or tub, which are usually overlooked. To illuminate these areas, it is recommended that you use two recessed down-lights for this task.

Be careful not to place any lights near the sink or elsewhere where they might get wet, as this could lead to you getting electrocuted. The above tips will help you in creating the look that you want for your bathroom. Take note to remember that lighting is very important and completes the image you intend for your home.