Human Or Synthetic Hair Extension – Which is Better?

Clip in hair extensions are a great way to totally change your look for an important event, such as a dinner or photo shoot, and can be easily removed for work the next day!

I'm sure at some point you've had something come up that you absolutely have to make, and you have to look your best for. It happens, I know! And, of course, most salons may not have the availability or you may not have the time to drop in for a couple hours of hairstyling after work.

At this point you have two options, as there are only two major types extensions. You can go for human clip in hair, or synthetic clip in hair. This should not be too hard a decision, but if you do not know much about the differences it can be hard. The human type will generally look a little more natural upon close inspection, but the synthetic is much cheaper and stands up longer over time. Whichever you choose depends on your budget and needs.

Personally, I would recommend synthetic clip in hair. It looks and feels close enough to the real thing to not be noticeable unless you have short hair and they're really long- And even then, probably only to the touch.

You can find tons of different colors and textures, and with each package you get over a foot of hair. Plus, it's pretty lightweight too: 3 oz. per clip. With a little practice, you'll be able to volumize or at least totally change your look with just a few minutes. That's a pretty darn good deal.

Human clip in hair has the advantage that you can style it much like you would own, with flat or curling irons. Although you'll run through these expensive items pretty quickly if you do this often, but if you have the budget you should definitely go for it. Also, they're washable! Need a little extra volume and shine, just use shampoo as if you were doing your own hair.

Another advantage of clip in hair is that you can pick up a bunch of different colors to accent your look depending on what you're wearing. And, of course, this can be done without the hassle of paying a stylist or leaving your own home. I would highly recommend it as a solution to any woman wanting to have the 'fashionista' in her circle of friends.