Hydrogen Conversion

If you are thinking of Hydrogen conversion and maybe converting your existing car to become a Hydrogen and gasoline burning hybrid, then you need to know that there are basically two options, and two different directions that you can take it.

So lets take a look more closely at what the two different methods are and whats involved in each one.

1. Firstly, you have the option of buying a premade Hydrogen car kit, one that has been built by somebody else and sold as a means of making profit. You can find these “premade” kits on places such as eBay. You can also actually find some companies that sell commercial versions of these premade Hydrogen car kits, the problem with these is that they will be much more expensive, although the quality and customer support will be better. If you are interested in this option, you can Google the term “premade Hydrogen conversion kits”, and you will find a site that focuses specifically on supplying details on how you can buy the premade version.

2. The second option is to just buy a guide, which will teach you exactly what you need and how to put together and install your own conversion kit, using cheaper parts. This is known as a DIY guide, and this is an option that many people are following up. The advantage with pursuing this method for converting your car is that you will be spending a lot less, you will be sure its right for your particular engine, and also you will gain some valuable knowledge as to how the process actually works. This would be recommended for anyone who has a good basic knowledge of their own car, and can do basic maintenance already. The process is actually more simple that it would seem, and so many are having success with this method.

Out of the two options, so far more people seem to be going for the Do-It-Yourself approach, as like I mentioned, it is much cheaper for the consumer. You are looking at paying several hundred dollars more for a premade Hydrogen conversion kit.