Hydrogen Fuel Cars, Splitting Water Not the Environment

With the raising fuel (Petrol / Gasoline) prices around the $ 100 a barrel for oil, what better time to own a water power car? Hydrogen fuel cars some say could be 20-30 years off but there is growing evidence that regular combustion engines can be converted, either as a supplement or totally. One such example of this is the Stanley Meyers Dune Buggy back in the 1990s. The answer is simple: convert your car to run on water! You may have many questions if you are looking to convert your car to Hydrogen: Why does not everyone know about this? How do you run your car on water? How much does it cost to convert your car run on water? Is a water power car safe? Or I just do not believe it.

Again how does it work? In simple terms the electricity from a cars battery has the capability to separate water into a gas two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen H2O or HHO. HHO burns effectively as well as supplying a lot of energy and the by product is water. HHO possess atomic powers of Hydrogen, which stabilizes the water. The good news is that you only need one litre of water to produce thousands of litres of HHO gas which should provide you enough fuel for a very long time. The water conversion kit is a feasible and proven technology, the concept of splitting water dates back to before cars themselves.

Is it safe? water power car is actually safer than those fueled by traditional fuels. Vehicles running on petrol or LPG have the potential of bursting into flames, especially during tragic automobile accidents. On the other hand, water stored as fuels in vehicles is much safer because it is non-combustible. Denny Klein has also perfected this technique for industrial use of the hydrogen gas itself.