Hypermiling Technique – What is That?

Hypermiling or divide it up, hyper + mileage. Simply means getting high and more miles from driving. It also means using ways to maximize fuel economy.

Drivers or Riders who practice the techniques are referred to as "hypermilers." Hypermiling, which can be used in any vehicle regardless of its cubic capacity, has gained popularity as a result of the rise in gasoline prices in recent years. It involves mainly driving habits.

o Drive according to speed limits

30mph means 30mph. Keeping to impulses may be difficult but it is part of hypermiling. We do no need to waste fuel by stopping and accelerating all the time. Furthermore, such driving style are stressful for you car in the long term.

Slowing down can save gas. So do not drive too fast. You need to maintain a constant speed and not let traffic get ahead of you when you are driving in traffic. Keeping to a fix mileage is important.

o Climbing and descending a hill

Avoid big hills climb if possible. If there is a need, maintain your vehicle at a 2,000 rpm or so while driving. You make look silly because you are slow but you will look at others being silly because they are wasting gas! So it is a win-win in a way! If you have to take a longer route to avoid stop-and-go traffic, please do so. Longer route may have better driving conditions and less traffic which uses less gas. Also, changing your work schedule 30 minutes to half an hour can mean less traffic. Let's talk about descending. Use low gears when you are using a manual or on automatic gears, pull it to "2". You may inter-switch gears by "2" and "D" with mild tapping on you brakes. Remember over braking will use more gas.

o Maintenance, maintenance; I can not stress more of its importance

Maintenance is very important and extremely critical if you want to maximize hypermiling techniques. First, maintain your car properly, with regular oil changes and filter changes, air filters (intended air filters will greatly limit the air flow). If your air filter is dirty, chances are you car will gas for air. It also means that it will require more gas to move. Wash your car as dirt on parts of the body and wheel arch may restrict flow of air. Do remember your 4 best friends in contact with the road. Tire. Check tire pressure once a week. Use a digital pressure gauge. Pressure should be optimal. If you pump in extra of 2 PSI, will help reduce roll and in turn will give more mileage.

Travel light, clean up your car regularly. Remove unwanted things. If you drive alone, it is a good idea to balance out your car. You being in front and the things you carry, books, bags at the rear. Law of physics is simple, balance it out and the air will balance with you.

o Accelerate slowly and decelerate accordingly

Why the rush? No "cat starts" The longer your take to achieve a speed, the less fuel it will require to get there. A rule of thumb is to press down the accelerator and maintain it at a 2,000 rpm and allow it to reach its desired speed slowly. It needs practice as we tend to over press but eventually you will get it.

Accelerating more slowly away from green lights and stopping more specifically for red lights cut fuel consumption.

o Use cruise control on the highway

Using cruise control cuts down on unnecessary speed changes, limiting the use of extra much gas. It helps maintain a certain speed as well as rpm. Let the cruise control do the work of maintaining the speed and relaxing you feet. Cruise controls are you partners in hypermiling.

All techniques discussed are basics. Remember that you too can practice them. It takes a while to adjust but eventually, you will be able to do it.