Hypnosis for Fear of Crossing Bridges

Are you afraid of driving over bridges? Does just thinking about it fill you with anxiety? Do you have to go out of your way to get somewhere just so you do not have to cross one? Hypnosis can help.

Whether you are simply embarrassed of your fear or it is causing problems in your day-to-day life, hypnosis can alleviate it quickly and permanently.

Odds are you are afraid of bridges because of something from your past. Maybe you had a bad experience on a bridge or maybe you have no idea why you harbor such fears. Either way, hypnosis can help eliminate the fear once and for all. Did you know that everything you have ever experienced is stored in your subconscious? Every situation you have ever been in, and every thought and feeling you have ever had is filed away deep in your mind. Though we cannot always access these memories when we want, they continuously influence how we react emotionally and physically to situations in the present.

The problem is, sometimes the subconscious alters these memories, making some of the thoughts and feelings connected to them much worse than they actually were. It’s these exaggerated memories that cause issues, like being afraid of bridges.

Hypnosis eliminates these fears through several techniques. First, a certified hypnotist is able to guide you into a trance-like state that quiets your brain and allows your hypnotist to access the deepest reaches of your subconscious. You and your hypnotist are then able to identify the memory that is causing your troubles.

Once identified, your hypnotist will be able to reprogram how your subconscious views that event and uses its negative connotations to influence your feelings today. For example, if you were stuck in traffic on a bridge as a child, the motion of the bridge as the cars slowly moved might have been very unsettling to you. Your hypnotist can teach your subconscious that even though that situation upset you, odds are, you will not be in that situation again, and even if you are, nothing bad will come of it.

Your hypnotist can also help you visualize your fear of bridges and teach your mind how to rationally deal with that fear so that it has no power over you. Your mind will learn that your past fears have no place in your life now. Though you will remember that you were once stuck on a bridge as a child, and that you were uncomfortable at the time, your subconscious will no longer use that situation to cause you to be afraid today. Hypnosis can eliminate nearly all fears using these same methods.

Once you have eliminated your fear, you will be free to travel wherever you want. No longer will you have to plot out alternate routes to get somewhere, you will be able to choose the quickest or most scenic route for all your travels. Imagine how amazing it would be to enjoy bridges and the powerful views they often present to those who cross them.