I Need A Hosting Plan

Web Hosting

Without web hosting, no one can see your website on the internet. For browsers to see your site, you have to link it to a hosting account with your domain name. Let’s put it this way, hosting and website is like your furniture and your house. Without the house, where would you place the furniture? Both have to be in sync in order to complete a living environment.

If someone wondered how they got to use a free website without paying a buck for hosting, that happens because the provider of the website, hosts that person on a shared plan where thousands of users are attached. We will share more on web hosting in the categories below:

Shared Hosting

In this article we compare the hosting plan to living in a residential apartment. Shared Hosting includes all users on one server. When using the above apartment analogy, shared hosting allows residents in the complex to share or use the resources of the apartment. This does not preclude using the entire apartment facilities.

So in a nutshell, a shared hosting account shares the space of the server with other users. One must bear in mind that a shared hosting plan utilizes all the CPU time, memory and disk space. Therefore, depending on the purpose of your website, selecting a hosting account is extremely important.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers is a hosting environment that act as a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting and runs its own operating system. If we are using the above apartment analogy, it means that VPS is part of the apartment but shares separate living arrangements. It only pulls or utilize facilities that becomes critical to its operating functions. No one has access to that section of the apartment except the one who has a special key or password to get inside.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a single system reserved for serving the needs of the network. As the name suggests, it is dedicated or set aside to manage work that requires additional help. It can also run separate from the complete operating system. It manages the communication of other computers on a network. An example of a dedicated server is managing the printer resources and system admin functions in an office or organised network.

When compared to the apartment scenario above, a dedicated server would be like the security post that monitors access and manages the security needs of the facility. This department is detached from the complete building and can operate independently.

Dedicated Hosting IP

Dedicated Hosting is critically important when considering hosting your plan. It becomes more complex and advanced in its operation. In our apartment example, residents are allowed access to all resources of the complex but each also has their private space which is not accessible to the public.