Icynene Insulation

What is Spray Foam Insulation ?:

It's a form of insulation, which is sprayed over an area you wish to insulate, instead of the conventional way of placing some sort of insulation in the wall cavity. When it is sprayed it quickly expends and fills in every single void it can, creating an almost perfectly sealed space.

What are the advantages of using Spray Foam Insulation ?:

By expanding and filling ever crack and void it provides complete sealing, preventing air from leaking, which is still in effect with other insulations. It can be placed in any area without having to remove existing tubing, electrical wires or pipes of any kind. It is water repellent and allows moisture to leave from the walls. Mold can not grow on it. It also prevails the development of mold, which is due to humid air. It is an effective way of reducing outside noises. Also, Spray Foam Insulation has a low flammability. It can be used as an effective way of insulating your boat. It can be used in small areas.

How well does it work ?:

Something of the sort like icynene has an R-value of 3.6, Polyisocyanurate has an R-value of 5.6 although it can range up to 7, while Polyethylene ranges from 5.8-6.8. The R-value is defined as "a measure of a substance's insulating value or resistance to heat flow. (The EMC Jacksonemc). Although the R-value may be lower then other materials, you must remember that it is a sealant that prevails the escape of air, which is a huge contributor to heat loss.

What is the cost and savings ?:

The initial cost of using spray foam insulation is around 3 times more then conventional insulation, however the savings offset the costs by far. It can cost 1.25- 2.25 $ per Sqft. The savings repay the initial costs by around 3-5 years, depending on the amount of insulation used. It pays off, and you will notice a difference when the insulation is put it. You will feel warmer, you will save money, you will help save the environment and you will admire yourself for making the right decision.

Is it environmentally friendly ?:

Many organizations have rated spray foam insulation as one of the greenest methods of insulation with the most attention going to icynene. Most spray foam insulations do not contain HCFC's, CFC's or formaldehyde. They are reliably safe for individuals with respiratory problems such as asthma. So the answer to the question is yes it is environmentally friendly.