Ideas for Beginner Woodworking Projects

Hanging Organizer-You can build, essentially, a wood sign and affix interesting handles, knobs or hooks for hanging keys. You can make one with a magnetic strip for hanging knives in the kitchen. Heavy duty hooks can be used to create a great place to hang bags, purses, coats and backpacks. Simple products like this are great for practicing using a router to make edges and for practicing different staining and finishing techniques.

Birdhouse-A birdhouse is a great place to start practicing creating joints. You can use a router to make slats for creating joints, practice mortise and tenon joints, or practice making peg joints with wooden dowels. You can even leave the back side off of the birdhouse, attach a few suction cups, and display the birdhouse on the outside of your kitchen window. You'll love watching the nest from inside of the house.

Step Stool-A step stool is a great way to practice making sturdier items that need to bear some weight. Make several sizes to work your way up to building chairs and benches.

Folding Table-Small folding tables are great to have around the house. You can use them to eat on while watching television, or use them as a place to set your drink while you're working. Some people use these little portable tables all over the house.

Bench-Make a bench for your foyer or yard. Experiment with creating benches that have backs and also ones that do not. Benches are not very hard, but they do require learning about creating braces and cutting at an angle.

Wine Glass Slider-You can use dowel rods or thin pieces of wood mounted underneath your cabinets to make a slide to store wine glasses. This is an easy project, but it will give you the opportunity to learn how to match the stain and finish of your kitchen cabinets. Once you discover the right combination of stain and lacquer, you may wish to build other kitchen items, like a bread box, letter organizer, or pull down recipe book holder.

Wine Bottle Holder-This can be a small structure that sits on top of your counter, or one that hangs from the kitchen cabinets. Larger ones can sit on the floor. Simple projects like this make great gifts and can be painted to give the room personality.

Dog House-Creating a shelter for your pets is fun and gives you a chance to work on projects that will need to be finished for outdoor use.

Tool Box-Make a tool box for yourself to store or transport your woodworking tools. Use a sturdy hardwood dowel as a handle or for hanging things inside the box. You'll not only find this project fun, but you'll have a useful keepsake when you're done.