Ideas for Deck Entertaining

When you are planning to build or buy your house, take into consideration the entertainment possibilities of having a deck. A deck could be useful for all types of social events, from light dinners to cocktail parties. Because decks have columns and banisters, you can decorate them up in the theme of the party.

One deck event could have been a cocktail sundowner. Add soft lighting by hanging white lights from the top of the banister to turn on when it becomes dark. Remember to place chairs and tables on the deck, with ashtrays and candles. For the cocktails, choose a couple of recipes that are easy to make.

An example of a good sundowner cocktail would be a Blue Lagoon. This is a popular drink among cocktail bars and is simple to make. Fill a glass with ice and pour over a shot of vodka and blue Curacao liqueur. Pour the lemonade to the top and add a cocktail cherry for garnish.

Although you are watching a sunset, try making a Tequila Sunrise for a cocktail. For this drink you need a tall glass filled with ice. Pour in two shots of tequila and top it up with orange juice. Tilt the glass to the side a bit and pour in about two dashes of grenadine syrup so it sinks to the bottom. The grenadine will then filter itself to the top creating shading from red to orange in the glass. You could garnish the drink with a slice of orange and cherry on the top of the glass.

Once the drinks are served, guests can socialize on the deck and watch the sunset go down. If you are having a large sundowner cocktail party, invest in some heaters so guests can stay warm once it becomes dark.

On larger decks, you could entertain a barbecue. A table could have placed on the wooden planks with chairs. This results the table from wobbling as it would on the soil. Decks also have the advantage of easy access into the house. Instead of carrying plates, salt and pepper and glasses from the garden to the kitchen, the access is just a few feet away.

The barbecue cook could roast up some chops and sausage. For vegetarians, create some vegetable skewers by pushing different types of vegetables onto a long pointy stick. Vegetables you could use include chopped peppers, onions, marrow and pineapple. Place them on the barbecue and drizzle with olive oil every now and then to prevent them from drying out.

At different holidays the decks could have been decorated according to the theme. On Halloween, place pumpkins on the stairs and drape white sheeting on the banister. You can tie bats made from cutting out black paper on to the columns.

During Christmas you can stick cotton wool on the banister to mimic snow if you do not already have the real deal. You can weave Christmas lighting through the banister and place decorations all up the banister.

If you are not having a party or there are no holidays to celebrate, invest in a hammock to hang on the deck. You could relax in the shade by swinging on a swing bench bolted into the roof on the deck. There are plenty of seating options specifically created for porches to choose from.

To have a deck around your house adds a feature. It is not only pleasing to look at, but adds wonderful opportunities for memories. How many first kisses have been stolen on the porch and how many snuggles on a swinging bench? It is a place in a home that everyone can enjoy wherever you are sitting in rocking chairs reading, or enjoying a beautiful sunset.