Ideas For Meaningful Baptism Giveaways

While the godparents, members of your family and your friends are busy looking for the most suitable christening gifts, you are in serious preparation for a wonderful event for your child. The baby’s entrance into the Christian world is indeed a very important sacrament that is worthy of celebration.

To be caught in so many choices and tasks for the baptism, you need to set aside time for the catering or food preparation, church arrangements and choosing godparents. But of course, you want everyone to have a meaningful and long-lasting understanding of the event. This is why you need to plan ahead for the best christening favors to give the godparents and other guests to the holy celebration.

This article offers great ideas for baptism tokens. Read on and know the five elements to choosing the most meaningful items for the event:

· Spiritual objects should be firstly considered as baptism is all about your child’s faith and yours. If godparents or family asks for advice what christening gifts you prefer, you could point this out as well. As for the favors, you could opt for mementos such as a small cross for hanging or to be placed on a living room shelf, a Bible engraved with the baby’s name and the baptism date and venue, figurines of saints or angels, and even boxed rosary beads.

· Apart from being sacred, you could also opt for favors that would be of great use to the godparents or guests. They could be angel or lamb paperweights, pen holders or key chains or candle holders. Just don’t forget to personalize the items and include a “thank you” and the baby’s name.

· If you could find something really unique, the better. There are many online stores that sell baptism favors, christening gifts and invitations. From these websites you might get even better ideas on how to customize your giveaways, or just buy from them and improve the items creatively at home. Surf a little more and you’ll learn dozens of ways to make simple gifts become truly unique and meaningful for the guests.

· You could also find items in your local stores like porcelain angels, spiritual reading materials or picture frames. If so, buy enough for the guests and then have it personalized at home. Have the baptismal details engraved or printed in the figurines, or write dedications on the books, or put the baby’s picture in frames along with “thanks”. It will be greatly appreciated by the godparents and the guests.

Scrap expensive gifts and dig deeper for affordable ones. Of course, don’t turn down the godparents’ christening gifts of silver, gold or a hefty college fund. But as for your favors, go for budget-friendly objects that would remind the keepers of the memorable event, as well as the roles they play in the child’s growth.