Identifying Mercruiser Parts


Mercruiser is an advanced marine propulsion system and is available in recreational and commercial vehicles ranging from 1.5-liter displacement to 14.0-liter displacements. These are generally two stroke diesel engine vehicles and are termed as inboards or stern drives depending on the vehicle design.

Mercruiser parts:

This water vehicle contains the following major parts.

Mercruiser Engine:

These are the heart of any vehicle and are available in 4, 6 or 8 cylinders capacities, especially for stern drives. The engine rating and displacement or fuel system are also important for a specific purpose motorboat. These are the important Mercruiser parts and every engine contains a tag specifying details of the engine.


Carburetor is attached to the fuel delivery system and filters and regulates the supply of fuel to the engine. The carburetor can be identified by its design (filtering and regulating fuel) or matching its design from the catalog or manual provided with the boat.

Exhaust Manual:

These Mercruiser parts are used for removing combustion gases from engine through exhaust manifold. These are attached to the exhaust system.

Water and Fuel Pumps:

Raw water pumps or circulating water pumps are used for cooling outboard engines by continuously circulating water. These pumps are supplied with full instructions and can be replaced easily. Fuel pumps are small nozzles through which fuel, which is generally diesel, is injected to the engine.

Marine Mufflers:

These are the silencers made from fiberglass and are designed for backpressure compensation and resistant from corrosion. These are in cylindrical shape from varying diameter of 1.5 "to 12" inlet and outlet. These are suitable for below waterline installation and can easily be replaced.

Fresh water System:

These are the complete pump and pipe system for circulating fresh water used for cooling 2 stroke outboard engines. These systems are available with complete instructions and can easily be replaced.

Oil Coolers:

These are the cylindrical coolers used for cooling oil and these are available in varying sizes from 5 "* 1" to 12 "* 1.25" and sometimes two cylinders attached together are provided as dual coolers.

Motor and Gear Lube:

Service manual provides the complete instruction to change engine and gear oil at particular interval and the oil should be changed as per the direction given in manual.

Some other important mercruiser parts include electrical system; power steering, couplers and stern drive parts.

Identifying the mercruiser parts:

A tag is attached to identify engine model, serial number of engine, transcom assembly serial number and drive serial number. Similar for inboard transmission, model and serial numbers are provided on a tag on the top or side of transmission. You should verify the tag details to the manual provided to you by the manufacturer and both the details should match.

Once you have located the correct model number with specified transmission details, you should see the parts details as figure of each part has been provided. You should identify the figure from catalog or manual provided to you or you should visit the web site of the manufacturer. Once the parts corresponding to the figure has been identified, you should note down the serial number provided in the catalog or web site. Once you are able to locate the exact part number and corresponding serial number, it is easy for you to purchase these parts directly from manufacturer or resellers.