If You Are a Bad Boy, You Can Date Hot Women

This is a common question, why is it that nice guys always finish last, while those jerks just got hooked up with many hot babes? Do you find that it is not fair?

Well, first of all, you need to understand how women feel. Women just love the excitement of a bad boy, and not that of a nice guy. The first reason is of course, women are not sure of themselves when they enter a relationship. Thus, they do not want to hurt a nice guy. This is why nice guys will always end up as a friend, or a best friend.

To a woman, when a guy is being considered as a friend, he will always be a friend, and can never upgrade to a boyfriend! That is just how women think, which is why women are sometimes emotional.

It is quite silly to see women crying their hearts over a jerk, but just ignore the nice guy whom is always there for her. The jerk just continues to flirt with women, while the nice guy simply sits alone at the bar, or if not, at home, feeling lonely and desperate.

And you need to know why a guy wants to be a bad guy, or why he becomes a bad guy.

And there is perhaps only one word to describe, self esteem.

Many books will tell you that self esteem is very important to a guy. This is definitely true in real life relationships!

You need to know why guys become jerks. Well, it is true that some guys are just born with that character, but most guys are not. Most guys just suffer from heart breaks time after time, and want to change their life.

As they look ahead, they see jerks being very popular with women, and that is the easy way out! Yes, that is the real reason why many guys become jerks. They simply do not want to be the same anymore, and do not like to bury themselves in the past poor relationships.

Thus, in fact, many men have lost their faith in love that they turn into bad guys.

Of course, there is a certain category of men who simply has low self-esteem. And they act like a jerk simply to cover up their emptiness. He is actually a man of no confidence, and acts like a bad guy so as to cover up his inferior self. As you know him over time, you will uncover his true self. He just uses his bad boy image as a weapon against all the women who turned him down.

And now, why do women go for bad boys?

Well, women just like to play the role of relationship therapists. By nature, women like to understand people, and like to disintegrate people to see their true self. And most women like to be known as the one who can change a bad boy into a nice guy.

Ultimately, women still go for nice guys, but they want to change a bad boy into a nice guy. Sounds complex right? That is perhaps why it is so difficult to understand why women go for guys who treat them badly.

Nice guys are just too predictable and too perfect. To a woman, there is nothing more to change, and being with a nice guy is just like drinking plain water, dull and boring. Eventually, women will be so bored that they look for other exciting bad boys.

So, can you see why guys want to be bad guys?

Anyway, a guy cannot be a bad guy forever, as women will find them useless, and ditch them anyway in the long run. For a guy to be attractive, he needs to be sweet and caring, and yet excludes a sense of mystery. If a woman sees everything of you, then she will not find you interesting anymore.