If You Have Your Own ATV Club, It’s Time to Join ATVA

It’s common…a couple of friends get together every weekend to ride their ATVs, then the kids and spouses gets involved and the group gets bigger. You make a couple of friends while riding ATV and they become regular ATVers as well. Soon, the little ATV group has turned into an ATV club simply because of the fact that you ride together regularly and you all share the same passion. Sooner of later, you’re going to have a name for your group and also start a website. This is how most ATV clubs are formed.

Well, if you have a large ATV club and is thinking of expanding, here’s one thing you can do and that is to join ATVA as an official ATV club. First of all, it’s quite difficult for an ATV club to gain exposure all by themselves and ATV enthusiasts located within your area may also find finding an ATV club equally as hard. That is where ATVA can help you. ATVA brings together ATV clubs and form a bridge between ATV enthusiasts and ATV clubs together with their regular newsletters, publications and website. The name and contact information for each of ATVA’s members are listed prominently in their publications and website.

And if you organize an event, ATVA will help you announce it in an effort to bring ATV enthusiasts in for the event. With that the number of members to your ATV club will increase tremendously while you’ll see an increase in the number of attendees.

ATVA will also help you sort out the insurance issues you may have with property owners. It is easier for ATVA to iron these issues out because their buying power is ever so much bigger than an individual ATV club. And let’s admit it, despite the fact that ATVing is safe when done the right way, many people have the misconception that ATV riding is unsafe and unsuitable for kids. We can try to combat the issue slowly on our own but with ATVA in the picture, we will have more resources to educate the public and the legislative bodies on ATVing. The discrimination against ATV riding is huge, hence, we can only combat it with a big organization.

Signing up as a member to ATVA is extremely easy. But before that, you’ll have to decide whether your club is a promoting club or a social club. You see, with a social club, you’ll need only five existing members of your ATV club to be a part of AMA (American Motorcyclist Association).

The definition of a promoting ATV club simply means that your ATV club organizes large regular or annual events like motocross, flat-tracks, TTs, ice races…etc. if that is so, there should be at least ten members in your ATV club with one who deals with insurance and the other on communications. One member of your ATV club should sign up for an ATVA organized seminar of risk-management.

If you’re interested in turning your ATV club into an ATVA member, log onto http://www.atvaonline.com for more information.