If Your Heart’s Not In It

What single trait fuels a child that rivets a nation to their talent, an athlete to rush past all boundaries, a war to be won against all odds, or even a single glance we witness between two people that becomes unforgettable… legendary? Their heart’s in it; when the heart is engaged, the fuel of the life force is operating at a capacity we can’t fully understand. Impossible no longer exists; we can all really soar when our heart is engaged.

How can you tell when your heart’s not in it? Look within and around yourself and your choices; you can easily identify when this has happened. If you are in a relationship and find yourself making choices where you expect your partner to understand or ‘get over it’ your heart’s not in it. If you are no longer enthusiastic about getting to work or any place that used to excite you, your heart is not in it. When practicing to achieve a greater potential in any pursuit becomes drudgery or no longer stimulates you, your heart is not in it.

When you begin to feel uneasy in your relationship or a friendship, your antennae has picked up a change; this causes us to doubt that someone’s heart is not in our relationship or friendship any longer or is drifting away. It’s rarely wrong; we begin to sense that drifting away through those same emotions engaged through our heart. It is the ‘sensing’ brain within us. It is emotion driven and highly intuitive as it connects with the innate or smart body that exists within every person. It seeks and identifies truth.

Where do we go when our heart’s not in it? We have to disconnect momentarily from that part of us and switch to the brain that functions without emotion. It is time to look closely at what was driving us before and why it no longer seems important. If it is a lack of attention, it is reparable so long as we still have the desire that fueled it in the beginning. If it is a loss of interest, you may be heading down the long stretch of detachment of your emotions, better known as ‘the end.’

We are emotion driven, visual creatures, regardless of gender. Whatever we are looking at or envisioning is the reality we are already creating for our future. Even if you are not consciously doing this, it is happening. Pay attention to what result you are envisioning and you will have a clear and concise image of what is about to become your future. Why is this true? Until you can ‘see’ it you cannot accept it as your reality; when you focus your energy and attention on anything, your heart is in it. Once that happens your foot is on the emotional accelerator that propels you to achieve that dream.

Putting your heart into anything or anyone is the greatest commitment of energy you can offer; choose wisely, make it meaningful!