Igloo Ice Chest – Learn the Differences Between the 3 Main Lines of Igloo Chests

There are quite a few different makes and models of the Igloo Ice Chest. There is the On The Go Series, the Office Series, and the Camping Series. And there is nothing worse than picking the wrong type, for the wrong occasion.

There are 3 main series of Igloo Ice Chests:

1. On the Go:

These are the typical ones you will find in the BBQ section of your department store. The most common colors you will see are blue and red. And will most likely come with a handle for ease of carry.

They come in many sizes, going from a larger carry model with a handle, down to a thermos size made just for drinks. The largest one in the On the Go Series is the Igloo Cool 16, this one can hold around 2 or 3 2 liter bottles standing up, and has a capacity of around 15 L.

2. Office Series:

This line of Igloo Ice Chests were designed to carry your lunch, and are usually made of soft fabrics. However, there are still a few of the harder plastic kind the can be got, and are larger than the "lunch bag" style igloos.

3. Camping Series:

This is the line of Chests that have had the most exposure. Ever been to a football game? And seen the big orange barrel looking canister sitting on the site lines?

Well, that my friend is an Igloo Heavy Duty 10 Gallon Cooler. You may have even seen it dumped over the coaches head in celebration on a game well played. This line of chests also holds the much larger ones used for camping, and are used to store large amounts of food.

There you have it, the 3 main lines of Igloo Ice Chests. On the Go, a perfect size for a picnic. The Office series, designed to be used as a lunch bag for work. And the ever popular Camping Series, the large chests, used to keep your food cold while in the great out doors. Now you will be prepare to buy the right Igloo Ice Chest for just the right occasion.