Iligan City’s Hidden Wonder: Tinago Falls

Hidden in deep ravine is Iligan City’s pride and must-go-to tourist spot — Tinago Falls. One of the 23 waterfalls that graces the landscape of this city is the Tinago Falls, hidden deep with the ravine and nestled in a rich canopy of greens and walled around with rocks.

This magnificent beauty used to have a resort with function halls for conferences, and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and mini zoo for a company of friends or visiting families. They used to have a vast developed land area for a vacation one would remember. However, due to legal and managerial issues the resort has closed down and what is now left standing are rundown building and cottage structures of what used to be a nature resort, Iligan City was proud of. But just because the resort has closed down doesn’t mean that Tinago Falls is closed for tourists as well. The falls is still accessible and open for the public through the old resorts property. Trust any locals for directions and never hesitate to ask anyone to accompany you and your party through overgrown grasses and bushes of the old resorts to the makeshift entrance area for an agreed price.

A good 5-10minute walk through the property is a platform of stairway down the ravine. Trust me when I say that you MUST call for a 5minute break before going down, enough to gather your breath and readies your feet for a good round of physical work out down the hidden nirvana where hides this falls. An approximate of 500 descending steps called the winding staircase is done trekking down through the side of the mountain with only several makeshift bamboo poles for hand bars and broken down concrete staircase for your foot hold.

The physical exhaustion is worth every sweat drop because the sight will just simply to take your breath away. The water is crystal clear and the sight of the water falling down the rock head with a height drop of 73.152 m (240.0 ft) is awesome to look at, as it is engulf in a rich canopy of greens and rock faced facade framing it for a photographically magnificent shot.

A required life vest can be rented in fixed price. Just bring with you your own provisions, and pack your cameras with you to take memories captured shots. Make important calls or send SMS before going down the ravine, the signal for cellular connection is generally weak, from Globe, Smart, Suncellular, and their partnered networks, you might get too carried away enjoying your stay there that you might forget about time. So be conscious of previously made engagements.

Tinago Falls had been long standing tourist spot in Iligan City, and every tourist should never leave this city not able to visit this hidden beauty.