Ill Maintenance, the Root to All Air Conditioning Problems

When one speaks about AC in Jacksonville, we come to know that there is a constant rise in the demands of AC systems because Jacksonville is a hot and humid city in Florida. With the rise in demands of air conditioning systems there is also the same intensity of growth in the number of AC problems and consequently, rise in demands of air conditioning services. Similarly, the rise in AC repair and maintenance service providers too.

"What are the common AC problems and how can we fix it?"

Problem with your AC means that your house or your office is no longer cooled innocently and living in a place like Jacksonville, this can be a huge problem. AC problems range from excess noise to unwanted precipitation which might need professionals' help. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to identify common AC problems on your own if you want to attempt your own AC repair or give a hint of the problem to the AC repair technician. The most common AC compliant is that the air conditioner makes a loud annoying noise. This problem, if not checked can cause loud deafening noise making you and your neighbors uneasy. This is mainly caused by dislodging of the fan belt and due to the need for lubrication in the bearings of the motor. To fix it, check the fan belt and also lubricate the bearings of the motor. This problem does not demand the need of AC repair technicians. Another normal problem that often arises is frozen coils. At times the heat pump fails to play its role causing the coils to freeze and in turn block the air flow. An AC repair expert's help or checking the calibration can solve the problem.

You might have seen water leaking inside your house from your AC units. This may be due to a rusted condensation pan or blockage in the draining pipe. Check out the condensation pan and for any blockages in the draining hose to solve this particular AC problem.

Most common AC failure problem is blocked grill. To solve this problem, simply disassemble the air conditioner (make sure you turn off the power before doing that) which will give you an easy access to the parts of the AC like the fins, fans, motor and other parts. Wipe these parts clean taking extra care that you do not move any electrical parts wet. Remove the grill and clean it. Re-arrange the parts and try running it again setting the temperature of thermostat well below normal temperature.

When the above provided information does not make any difference, the following harder-to-spot air conditioning problems may hold the answer ie Broken Thermostat, Freon Leakage and AC Short Circuited to the ground. For a broken thermostat, replacing the same will solve the problem but for the later two, you might need the help of AC repair experts.

It is advised that you contact AC repair experts whatever your AC problem is. If you want to minimize the time, inconvenience and money required, be sure to provide a detailed description of the problem and get a series of estimates before you avail any AC service in Jacksonville, Florida.