I’m Fat, Can I Become a Police Officer? Learn How to Ace the Physical Assessment Test

When you become a police officer expect to be asked all types of questions about your profession. Many people want to know if you ever shot someone, and others want to know how to become a cop fast. Many times I’m approached by people while working out at the gym. One of the questions I get asked all the time is what’s my chance as a prospective police applicant if I’m slightly overweight. That’s what one guy asked me at the gym.

I informed him that he would have a better shot if he would lose a few extra pounds as the hiring board will knock off points as a result of him being overweight. You see many of the police officer that you see out on patrol that are overweight were not that way in the beginning of their career. In fact many of them were super lean because they knew their career was riding on it. Once they got offered the job, they fell off the wagon and started gaining the weight. But as I mentioned earlier it was not that way in the beginning of their career.

In this article I’m going to give you tips that will help you get ultra lean for the agility test and/or the police academy.

In order to get in shape for the police assessment test, you must have the right mind-set. The attitude that I’m going to be committed and consistent with my diet. If you stay the course, you’ll burn fat quickly as you progress to your goal of becoming a cop. I’ve met and trained guys who were too skinny and too fat to become a police officer, and the ones who ultimately got the job was the ones who stayed the course and did what it took to lose the pounds.

All it takes is 3 workouts a week, 45 minutes or less to burn fat and get in decent shape for the agility test. You can do a little bit of strength training with resistance bands or free weight for 30 minutes and then do another 25 minutes of cardio. That’s really it. If you do that consistently for 2-3 months, you’ll notice a big change in your conditioning and a big drop in body weight.