Importance Of Having A Lean Post In Your Boat

Significance Of Having Leaning Posts

It is hard to find a best boat owner who does not understand the importance of a leaving post structure. Their primary use is to allow the captain of the boat to stand steady even under harsh sailing conditions. It serves other functional benefits apart from the safety aspects by providing more room for storage, and create space for other useful equipment. Such as marine products are also guaranteed to increase your boat's resale value, while making it more enjoyable to be on.

Now manufacturers of marine products are looking at creating more and more creative designs of these lean posts to appeal to different groups of customers. The color choices of frames and upholstery also vary a great deal so that you could choose a structure which blends well with your overall boat design. The most common type of upholstery material used would be marine grade vinyl. You could even opt to get a custom designed option which would be able to fit perfectly in the available space as well as take into account any specific needs you wish to incorporate in the design.

Your boat will be provided with additional seating once you attach the boat leaving posts. It is always best to fix a higher number if you would be expecting many passengers on board. This will provide additional safety for them as well. Most of these products are made of advanced forms of aluminum which is lighter and much stronger, which are desirable features of any structure you would have been adding to a boat.

How To Install A Lean Post

You should always thoroughly read the manufacturer's specifications and follow instructions during the process. First decide the position of where you intend to fix the structure. Ideally you would need to keep about 12 inches distance from the console. Inspect the installation by using a flashlight and pay careful attention if any electrical wiring work and gas connection work would be involved. Before drilling the boat, mark the mounting holes from the structure. In some instances you could even mount a leasing post to an existing seat post. Another important tip is to use bolts instead of screws as screws tend to back out and are affected more by tension forces.

Some tools required for the project include:

  • Power drill
  • Socket-wrench set
  • Jigsaw
  • Flashlight
  • Measuring tape
  • Marine lumber
  • Wax pencil