Important Facts About Jack Hammers

Jack hammers are ordinarily used in construction projects. These are specifically used in demolition and setting the structure’s foundation. Jack hammers can also be used in excavation and mining.

Jack hammers are known also as pneumatic drills. These are used for breaking down

– rocks

– concrete pavement and

– roads

It has handles on one end and a drill like chisel on the other end. This instrument is important for so many reasons. They are more efficient than the conventional hammer and chisel. It takes less time to finish work using jack hammers. This instrument is more effective if you use it on a horizontal plane.

Different types of jack hammers have been made to maximize the existing capabilities of pneumatic drills. The three types are:

1. Pneumatic drill – from which the term has come from, is powered by air. It is connected to an air compressor with a hose. The air compressor is run by gasoline. This tool is portable as compared to other types.

2. Hydraulic jack hammer – it is in contrast to a pneumatic drill. This instrument is powered by liquid. It is used for demolition projects and wide scale mining.

3. Electric jack hammer – this type of jack hammer is convenient for small construction projects. It does not require force. Unlike the hydraulic-powered jack hammers, this one is mainly used in household.

Unlike the compressor-motorized jack hammers, it can be connected to an electrical socket at home. It is more often used for:

– creating holes on surfaces

– breaking concrete and

– other light jobs

You must be experienced to be able to operate jack hammers. There are a great variety of electric jack hammers available. Select the more efficient models. Check also on the watts, amp and other specification when buying electric jack hammers.

For example: The modern automatic jack hammers require less effort than the older models.

It is a better option to rent jack hammers than buying a new one. It is due to the fact that jack hammers are only useful when you are doing a construction of a house. The usage of Jack hammers is only minimal. You do not need to buy a jack hammer unless you are not planning to open your own construction company.

You don’t need to limit yourself to your nearest construction materials provider. You can even check for jack hammer rentals. There are lots of deals that you will see. Some jack hammer rentals even gives specific deals.

For Safety

Jack hammers pose a lot of risk with its operation. If you are a jack hammer operator by profession, you must manage maximum security. You must strictly adhere to the basics of jack hammer precautions.

To learn how to use jack hammer correctly, one must undergo safety training. If you know the correct way of operating it, you will find it easier to understand and follow safety protocols.

The operator of the jack hammer should wear protection gear prior to operating the instrument. The complete sets of protective gears are:

– masks

– ear muffs

– stout and stuffed clothing

– protective footwear

Though they are protective clothing, they still can’t ensure your safety using a jack hammer. Operating a jack hammer entails hazardous risks. Ex. Extreme vibration of the instrument may cause Raynaud’s Disease. This is an impairment of the blood circulation to the hands.

Though complete protection cannot be guaranteed, following instructions on the safe use is still advised. It would at least minimize natural risks if not totally eradicate it.