Important Steps to Laminate Flooring Installation

Every laminate flooring installation may differ slightly based on the manufactures specifications for their particular materials. However, there are some basic rules that do apply to most laminate flooring installation jobs you will do. This article will help weed through some tips, tricks, and other information you might need to know to complete your laminate flooring installation successfully.

One important note that you need to be aware of is that each manufacture of laminate flooring may require certain methods to be followed during installation in order to validate their warranty on the product. You may want to consult with the manufacture warranty information for the products you have purchased if you are wanting to avoid this mistake.

Before you install your laminate flooring you should make sure that you allow it to sit for at least three to four days before installing it. This period is called the "acclimation" period. During this acclimation period it is important to place the flooring in the same room or at least the same conditions as the room in which you will be installing your new flooring surface so that it will adjust to its new surroundings properly.

Regardless of which product you will want to make sure that the surface that you will be applying your laminate flooring to is flat, clean, and dry. The sub floor should be solid with little bounce to it. If you find any high spots or other variations in the sub floor you will need to address those by sanding or grinding them off first.

The next step to laminate flooring installation is to make sure that you allow inch inch gap around the side of the flooring edge. This step is extremely important as the flooring must not be touching the sides at any place or it will most likely fail to install correctly.

Laminate flooring installation can be a tricky job, but with some roper care and preparation you will be very pleased with your new flooring surface. If you have little experience with this type of flooring you will want to consult with some others who have had success with it before proceeding. You may be able to find some good forums for laminate flooring instillation online.