Improve Gas Millage

With gas prices out of control it's more important than ever to learn the steps on how to improve gas millage in all vehicles. This is not "rocket science" but there are a few things you can do to see immediate results.

There are many easy procedures and things you can do that are free or low cost that at first can seem funny or even simple but you would be surprised how many people never even give them a thought or ignore the warning signs their car is giving them.

Speaking of warning signs, with gas at all time record highs please listen and hear your cars warning signs, especially when the engine is running poorly. Although many things can effect getting the best gas mileage, at the top of the list is a poor running engine.

So for your viewing pleasure, and hopefully keep more green stuff in your pocket. are some great and quick was to improve your gas mileage. Now a point of caution here. No one tip by itself will make a big difference, by I guarantee if you do them all you will be able to notice an improvement very quickly. Which will bring you to your goal to improve gas mileage.

Simple Mileage Improvement Steps:

1. Okay I know some of you will say, duh, with this one, but sometimes we forget the basic stuff. When you can try to find a shady area to park your car in and enjoy the benefits of your car staying cooler inside.

2. Start using, if you are not already, those nifty things called a sunshade to keep the temperates down in your car. Along with this, depending on where you live, keep the air conditioner usage down as much as possible.

3. Might seem kind of old fashion but using a block heater in winter weather to pre-warm your vehicles engine is still a good idea.

4. I have done this a few times, makes for some really rough and slow driving. 🙂 Make sure to release your parking brake before you start driving.

5. This step not only saves you gas but improves your health at the same time. Avoid drive-through lines at restaurants like the plague. Find a great parking place, and go inside. Come to think of it I have also saved time this way to. In our fast food society we waste more gas sitting in lines than doing anything else. A side note here, this applies to any place you might have to wait in line, banks, etc.

6. This was a fault of mine which I have finally got rid of. To put it nicely, brakes are meant for stopping not riding on. 🙂 Constantly riding your breaks is never a good idea and puts extra wear on your break pads as well.

7. Always drive and accelerate smoothly and avoid "jack rabbit" starts or "flooring it" when the light turns green.

8. Depending on the year and make of your car make sure to check weekly the level of transmission fluid in your car. This makes sure your gears are shifted with the least amount of effort.

9. If you have a rough running engine, noises your not sure about or smoke coming from you tailpipe have your mechanic check it as soon as possible.

11. Unless you are practicing for the Indianapolis 500 resist the temptation to rev your engine. Much like flooring it at lights this serves no purpose and just wastes gas.

12. Do not you just love the internet? Finding a place to buy cheap gas is as easy as clicking your mouse. Try this site: These prices are updated by people like you everyday.

13. And like this last tip, getting gas credit cards from major oil companies can still save you anywhere from 1% to 5% when buying from their stations.

So there you have it, some simple, easy and none boring ways to improve gas millage.

Now if I could only figure out how to turn tap water into gas we would not need these tips! 🙂