Improve Opening Chess Moves – 3 Tips That Every Chess Player Needs To Remember

So you already know the rules of the game and its mechanics. So how do you improve your chess a little bit?

Every chess coach and teacher would agree that playing more and studying tactics will improve your chess a lot. And of course, you need some tips to improve opening chess moves and help you start the game in the right direction.

No, forget about studying dozens of pages of opening theory. That won’t benefit you a lot. Leave those ChessBase Magazines, TWIC Issues, etc. until you reach Expert to Master strength. For now, make sure you apply these tips to improve chess openings moves.

Believe me, this is going to be valuable in your first steps to conquering the 64-squared battlefield!

Improve Opening Chess Moves – Tip 1

Development comes first! The opening phase is all about mobilizing your army and optimizing their positions for the middle-game clash.

One or two opening moves in the opening is enough usually. Now, in case you are wondering what would be a good development sequence, here it is (1) Knights should be developed first since they are the slowest moving pieces. (2) Bishops are next. Put them in positions where they have maximum scope. (3) When there is no other developing move available, get your king to safety by castling. (4) And last BUT not the least, connect your rooks and bring out the all-powerful queen!

Now, this is NOT set in stone. However, this should serve as a good guideline.

Improve Opening Chess Moves – Tip 2

Pawn grabbing should be avoided.

In the other phases of the game, especially the endgame, nabbing that pawn could mean victory. However, that isn’t the case in the opening. Grabbing that extra pawn means you will be falling behind in development, and being 2 or 3 tempi behind in development could spell your doom especially in wide open positions.

Again, this is not a rule. If you can calculate that you can take a pawn safely, then go for it. But if you are going to face tremendous pressure for that extra foot soldier you have, and if you can’t calculate the end of the line, leave that pawn alone and be on the safe side.

Remember tip 1 – development comes first!

Improve Opening Chess Moves – Tip 3

Always keep an eye on the center.

The central squares of the board serve as a springboard for your pieces – giving an easier time to move to other parts of the board where they are needed. With central control, your pieces have greater mobility and activity.