Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses – Eye Exercises And Getting Better Vision Naturally

The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. They bring more fun to life when you have a pair complete than when you do not. This is why people are looking for ways of getting better vision. A common fix most people go for when they have eye problems are eyeglasses or contact lens. What most do not know is that they can improve their eyesight without glasses. This article will show you how to get a better vision naturally.

It should be noted that there are eye conditions that one must use eyeglasses to correct. But this does not apply to all conditions. You can use other methods to cure some eye ailments. Most of these methods are natural and come at little or no cost.

In order to appreciate the methods of improving your eyesight without glasses, you must first understand the make-up of your eyes.

The eyes are made up of muscles which are attached to the eye sockets in the skull. Just like other muscles in the body get fatigued and require rest, so also, do the eye muscles get fatigued and require rest. This helps to increase the muscle tone and then maintain a better vision. But most of the daily activities we involve ourselves in today do spell out a good natural vision. Most people spend time in front of television and computers, and most of us spend long hours into the night without giving the eyes adequate rest. All these put stress on the eye muscles which may in the long run impair the vision.

The use of contact lens or glasses only tries to fix the symptoms of the problem but not the root cause of the problem. Through time, this quick fix method will only remain glued to the eye. The only way to cure most of these eye ailments is by dealing with the source of the problem. By doing this you can improve your eyesight without glasses.

One sure natural method of resting the eye is called palming. This can be done by warming up your palm by rubbing them together, and then place them on your closed eyes. This will prevent light from entering the eye therefore giving the eye some rest. Doing this everyday and on a regular basis can give you a better vision naturally without glasses.

This method was established by Dr. Williams H. Bates in 1880 as one of the various exercises one can use to improve the eyesight without glasses. Using the Bate’s method has helped to cure various eye problems and also reduce reliance on the use of eyeglasses.