In Review: Milwaukee’s 2426-22 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool

For decades Milwaukee Electric Tool has been innovating the production industry. Building tools with superior design and intense power, Milwaukee is one of those manufacturers that never ceases improving their power tools and tool-systems. Accordingly, they’ve just released a new line of M12 cordless tools that are making a quite notable impact on the community. Among the new M12 (12v) releases is their 2426-22 cordless oscillating multi-tool, a small piece of power tool with huge versatility and remarkable performance.

Like all multi-tools, the 2426-22 is versatile – ideal, in fact, for a huge array of applications from maintenance to full-throttle remodeling, or, in other words, cutting, grinding, scraping, sanding, and etc. Unlike many other multi-tools though, Milwaukee’s rendition is an honest-to-goodness predator executing your jobs and projects with precision, brute power, and decided ease.

The 2426-22 cuts effortlessly and with truly surprising precision maintaining a straight line as if it were somehow divinely compelled to do so, and while additionally boasting Milwaukee’s exclusive RedLithium battery system, the tool delivers max power for the entire duration of an already extended power cycle. These RedLithium Batteries are extremely high-performance, and because the tool weighs only 2.1-lbs (one of the lightest multi-tool models available), the thing offers an intense power-to-weight ratio providing users with a powerful tool, the ability to use it continuously, and use it in any number of awkward spots or positions. The tool also features an integrated battery-fuel-gauge that activates when the tool is first engaged – this provides a surprisingly accurate and clear display of your remaining battery power.

Also unlike other multi-tools, Milwaukee’s 2426-22 is compatible with Bosch multi-tool accessories and includes a universal accessory adapter which allows the tool to be used with accessories from nearly every competing brand. In other words, Milwaukee has made a very bold choice, which, in effect, is beneficial only to you as the craftsman, and potentially to their competition; again, the tool is designed for use with other brand’s accessories, designed, ultimately, for consumer convenience. For this little maneuver Milwaukee gets a giant thumbs-up saving crafters the usually blood-boiling fiasco of chasing compatible accessories.

The tool is also designed with variable speeds featuring a speed control dial with twelve settings from 5,000 opm – 20,000 opm (oscillations per minute), and although the dial does require a fairly significant amount of force to rotate each detent into place, it accurately sets and reflects your speeds allowing you to match the tool’s performance to any given application. With an all metal gear case and comfortable, ergonomic over-mold, the tool is durable and comfortable to operate.