Incline Conveyors

Bucket elevators are a flexible and space efficient system for the combined horizontal and inclined conveying of bulk material such as cornflakes, peanuts, fish food, crisps and many other foodstuffs. The system ensures careful handling as the product remains undisturbed from inlet to outlet so that the product remains in the same form volume and weight. This means the product is not exposed to any mechanical influence which can be the case with other conveyor types.

These type of conveying systems can suit any type of application as the inlets and outlets can be placed along the conveyor as required. Also the conveyers length height and width can be engineered to meet specific needs. The modern modular system allows for a much wider selection of construction forms, and in addition the power consumption of the elevator is much lower than that of conventional systems.

The buckets can come in any size and made from many materials such as stainless steel or polypropylene depending on the type of product you want to be conveyed. Also the machines can operate from temperatures that range between -25C to 250C.

As well as food stuffs bucket conveyors can be used to convey other materials such as fly ash, coal, gravel, crushed marble or seeds. Pretty much anything can be conveyed using these modern systems.

Engineering companies will create your system uniquely for the job it has to do in your organisation. No two organisations are the same which is why any good engineering company will offer bespoke systems specific for your application. They will work with you and fully understand your needs before the design process begins.

Modern systems have automatic chain lubrication to ensure lower power consumption, less noise and increased reliability. Standard features also include an automatic chain tension adjuster which ensures a constant optimum chain tension and lower maintenance costs.

Finding the right engineering company is important because you want a company that builds your conveyor to your exact requirements and also offers after care service. Many companies today understand the importance of having 24 hour after care service so make sure the company you approach has this service. That way if your conveyor has a problem in the middle of the night you know you can call the company and get one of their engineers out that night. This allows there to be very little down time which is very important in most manufacturing industries.