Increase Your Retail Sales With In-Counter LED Lights

Proper illumination in your jewelry store display case is an important tool to increase your sales potential. The great way to display jewelry effectively is to watch the colors of the spectrum radiating through it. The long life LED showcase lights not only save electric bill compared to the conventional tubes, but also have jewelry come to life with spectacular brilliance. In addition to that advantage, the LED display case lighting usually operates at a low temperature that produces very little heat that does not age jewelry, it has the intensity to create the greatest visual appeal with refraction and sparkle.

Jewelry does not give out light, it reflects light. Spectrum produced by the reflective qualities of LED light is a revolutionary discovery in the industry. ECL is one of the companies specialized in designing and manufacturing professional high quality and affordable LED presentation lighting which can last up to 40,000 hours. The color temperature ranges would be: Cool White color of 7,000-8,000K, Pure White color at 5,500K, or Warm White at 3,500K. The length of the tube light can be custom-made by the customer's specific needs.

ECL customized display case aluminum extrusion was created with effective, patented thermal heat sink design system, with 12v dc power-driven in 2007. High brightness SMD LEDs are used as light source with low power consumption. There are several kinds of white colors, and brightness levels from which to choose. They are all affordable, easy to assemble and can be assembled and shipped within 3 ~ 5 business days.

One of the many retail niche markets that benefit much from ECL showcase lighting is that of the small, family owned jewelry stores. Usually these retailing firms run on tight budgets, and need most of their overhead store rent and purchases from suppliers. Paying large electric bills for store illumination simply does not work good. Cheap fluorescent lights often give the small jewelry store owners with the best option for bright illumination. But they do not give out the same quality of light as LEDs in terms of refraction, intensity, and color naturalism. Small jewelers are not the only businesses that benefit from ECL showcase lights. Increasing numbers of high-end retail stores and specialty chain shops are investing in LED tube lights to illuminate items of interest in their business establishments.

LED lighting features the world's latest, most state of the art evolution in lighting technology, and may replace many forms of lighting one day with confidence. Although they are more expensive than fluorescent, halogen, xenon and other types of lights, LEDs' cool operating temperature produces luminosity level equal or close to conventional types of lights, and simultaneously keeping electric consumption at a minimized level. They exceptionally long lifespan deliveries long-run profitable returns on initial investment by minimizing maintenance costs, and the versatility of color spectrum they give can add special effects to the valued items on the showcase shelf.