Indian Lakes – Thousand Trails in Batesville Indiana Review

Indian Lakes is part of Thousand Trails, Naco. Camping grounds located at 7234 Indiana 46, Batesville, Indiana located about 30-40 miles from Cincinnati Ohio. We have been a UDI member for about three years. If you are thinking about getting a membership or visiting Indian Lakes on your next camping trip I hope this review helps.

The campground consists of phases. Phase one is for people who keep their campers on site all year, most of these people do not move their campers. Some of the campers have permanent decks, sheds and custom lots. There are two or three other phases but I do not know which is which but all are open to anyone for camping. One is full hook-up, this phase has 44 campsites. Full hook-up consists of power, water and sewage. The other phases is power and water only, these phases have 682 campsites per the Thousand Trails website. Indian Lakes also has 52 cabins that can be rented. Prices range from $25 per nigh during the week to around $75 per night depending on your membership and what days you will be staying.

Indian Lakes campground also has many lakes on property that are said to be stocked with bass, catfish and bluegill. You may take a boat on the main lake but is trolling motor only. The lake also has a small beach. New this year to the campground is an in-lake water park with the big inflatable water toys to climb, jump and slide on for all visiting campers to use free of charge.

Indian Lakes campground has a pool along with infant pool, adult center, free Putt-Putt and a large playground.

There is an Indian Lakes 9 hole Golf Course that is only $1 per hole if walked. Golf carts cost extra. No personal golf carts are allowed on golf course.

Okay, now to the pros and cons of Indian lakes Indiana:


  • Large lake along with many small ones.
  • Open fields to play in, kids play area.
  • DJ at adult center most weekends.
  • Kids movie night some weekends.
  • Can camp on big lake.
  • Pretty many bath houses.
  • Campground has its own store/gas station.
  • The duck issue looks to have been cleared up.
  • Free Putt-Putt.
  • Nice 9 hole golf course (cheap too).


  • The people who run this campground have been very rude for years.
  • Gas station pumps went out last year and to date they still have no gas. If you have a golf cart you can get gas down the road. The pumps are now working.
  • Not all power and water sites have water turned on.
  • Store closes early.
  • Could have more child activities but they do an Okay job here.
  • Can be a wild campground with parties.
  • Workers are rude, oh wait did I already say that? Well worth another mention.
  • Lakes do not seem to be stocked well.
  • Smaller lakes have very heavy vegetation and are hard to fish.
  • All the lakes have a snake issue, they are all over and the Water Moccasins are very bold.
  • You will be charged to use your own golf cart.
  • Full hook ups are always full, you will need to wait for someone to pull out and then grab it quick unless you luck out and show up at the right time.

This campground has had a bad wrap for many of years but I must say, since it was sold a couple years ago things seem to be getting a little better every year.