Indoor and Outdoor TV Enclosures

An indoor and out-of-doors TV cabinet is paramount to give the excellent defense for numerous uses from putting a Telly outside in your patio to protecting outdoor digital signage, let us look at how they are used.

Indoor Monitor enclosures.

An indoor display housing is employed to protect the gadgets from any damage this is their chief design intent, these can be used in jails and psychiatric units to protect the Display from harm as well as the patients. Another use is in a subway or rail station as standard dynamic advertising is easily harmed in these hostile, high risk areas.

When digital signage is rolled out in transportation hubs, such as airports, train and bus terminals, they genuinely need protection from vandals as a damaged panel from a stone wielding thug will cause the signage to be ruined within seconds.

For this application only a steel LCD enclosure is good enough, the ideal solution is one that has anti vandal and high security locks, not standard cam locks that are fitted by the majority of manufacturers, as a cam lock can be opened with a screwdriver.

Outdoor TV cabinet.

This is the only real solution when anyone decides to fit a LCD TV in an outdoor site; this can range from a restaurant who wants to put an out-of-doors digital menu outside the bistro or someone who wants to put a TV in their backyard or on the patio.

The unique way these outdoor TV enclosures are designed, they allow a small computer with sizes 290 mm wide x 300 mm high x 50 mm deep as well as housing the display screen in complete safety.

Dynamic advertising function.

When a company rolls out digital signage out-of-doors they have several possibilities, the first is to put a commercial outdoor Display screen outside or to buy a standard commercial screen (as these are produced to run 24×7 unlike a domestic TV that is designed to run 7 hours per day) and put the television in to an outdoor LCD enclosure, these cases supply the fortification from the weather no matter if the temperature gets to a sizzling 150 Fahrenheit or a sub-zero -20 Fahrenheit.

Yob protection is also an important feature of LCD enclosures because of the cost of the hardware the solution has to provide some protection from thugs throwing objects at the viewing window, as you can imagine if the television gets broken the signage is useless.

Putting a tv out-of-doors in your yard.

With users realising the value of quality time they are investing in outdoor space so that the entire relatives can enjoy some quality time, watching soccer or football games on the TV outside and sharing some food on the deck.

Here the same case that is used by the digital signage industry is utilised, supplying the excellent weather proof protection as well as a hooligans proof solution. So the units have a secure locking front door, cable access is through weather proof wire glands and the viewing window is made from shatterproof material, then inside the encasing the Display is mounted to a frame with special fasteners, so should anyone get into the enclosure they cannot remove the panel.