Indoor Railing Designs: How To Add Design To Something Simple

Indoor railing designs are something that many people just do not think about enough. The fact is that the railing is a focal point in any entryway or in any living area. It creates the illusion of movement. Your eye naturally moves up the railing, up the stairs to the top. Therefore, adding a bit more charm and appeal to an interior railing can make for a more dramatic or a more elegant look.

What's It Made From

The design of your railing starts with the type of railing it is. Most are made from wood. If your interior railing is made of wood, or you would like to create one in this manner, consider your wood options. You can consider woods such as pine, oak, cherry and maple. Look at the wood patterns in the wood itself to determine if in fact this is the style of wood that you would like to have. Paying attention to these details can make for a beautiful selection.

You can also have interior railings that are made of steel and iron, if you would like. Or, you can add new textures to a wood railing by adding feet to it that aremade of stone or marble. There are plenty of ways that you can add a different texture to the standard, boring wood railing.

Decorated Railings

To add a lot of class to the wood railing you may have, consider adding to it decorative elements. These can be as sophisticated as you would like them to be, or as simplistic. Look at the various options that are available. These can be attached to various locations on the wood railing to completely transform it. Or, you can also purchase a new wood railing that features detailed carvings and elaborate details.

The shape of the railing is also important. A curved railing or a straight one will work. It is not so much the shape of the railing that you want to consider, but where you want the eye to travel. A straight railing will carry the eye upwards, creating the illusion of height. A rounded staircase and railing keeps the eyes focused on these details.

Adding features to the railing are essential as well. From pedestals that will hold a decorative item to the simple addition of iron work to the posts can make a grand entrance. Design your interior railings based on the features that fit your lifestyle and your designed room look.