Induction Cooker – Why You Need An Induction Cooker Today

What is an Induction Cooker?

Induction cooker is a cooking appliance that uses the method of induction heating to cook your food. It is completely different from your convention stove as induction cooker does away the use of gas and instead uses electricity to do the cooking. A ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic coated pot is placed above an induction coil for the heating process to take place. Through this unique induction heating process, your kitchen and wallet are going to enjoy some great benefits!

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, heat is generated in the pot directly and then to the food. Unlike your gas stove, energy is first converted to heat and then the heat got transferred to the cooking pot. In the process, lots of heat is being loss to the surroundings instead of being efficiently transferred to the food.

With lesser heat being loss unnecessary to the surroundings, your kitchen remains cooler too. Compared to your gas stove, heat is loss unnecessary which not only wastes your money but also making your cooking experience hot and sweaty.

Economic Consideration

Though an induction cooker is more expensive than a convention gas stove, in the long-run, the benefits outweighed the ill benefits. It has higher energy efficiency than a gas stove. According to a research done by the US Dept of energy tests, it has an efficiency of 84%. And in terms of savings, you can save up to 40-70% of electricity bills as compared to a typical cook top.


You may have heard of many unfortunate kitchen hazards in the news. Now with the induction cooker, these unfortunate events can be prevented. This has a cool stove top. The stove top hardly gets warm and is gentle to your hand even if you touch the stove top with your bare hand. You can forget about the days where you burned your fingers and worrying about your children in the kitchen.

Not only does an induction cooker save energy and money, the absence of an open flame keeps the kitchen safer from any unnecessary fire hazards. The increasing demand of these has resulted in many recognized vendors to produce reliable and affordable cookers. It ranges from as economical as $90 to about $290 if you desire more functionality for your cooker. See a selection of induction cookers by clicking the link below.