Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines often have advantages over those models designed for the single sewer who sews as a hobby or the occasional smaller project. Still, many home users like the idea of an industrial sewing machine because it allows more versatility, especially when working with traditionally difficult fabrics and leathers. These machines are also better for creating belts, tents, saddles and awnings; and in fact, many home sewing machines cannot meet the challenge. There are other significant and, of course, less obvious differences in a home model and an industrial sewing machine.

o A home model is far more versatile in terms of your ability to move it from room to room. Industrial sewing machines, generally speaking, are typically left where they are initially placed. They are heavier, naturally, and usually far bulkier than their smaller home counterparts.

o Many of us easily can accommodate a home model in our guest rooms or even in our den; however, a commercial sewing machine is more space demanding. It is important you have an area that will accommodate the space requirements.

o Bigger machine, bigger supplies. You will need access to a supplier who can supply the necessary replacement parts and needles. Another important consideration is your power cords. While you will not likely need to replace items such as these, it is always good to have an industrial sewing machine supplier who can meet those needs.

Be sure to do your homework in terms of varying prices you are sure to discover. It is suggested you make a list of the features an industrial sewing machine will provide and that you need in your projects. Looking for more power? Maybe it is the accuracy of an industrial sewing machine you are looking for? Once you have defined those features, locating the ideal model will be much easier. Odds are, you already have a budget in mind. Will that budget allow for a new model or used model? If you do opt for a used machine, be sure you buy from a credible dealer.

You will want to do a bit of comparison shopping. Which model provides the most features for the best price? Are you willing to sacrifice a few features for that one “must have” option an industrial sewing machine provides? Is it worth a few dollars to buy local versus online? Maybe there are two models similar in pricing, but one is a bit smaller and will allow for more versatility for placing it in your home. These are all questions you will want to answer before beginning your search; whatever you decide, though, be sure to not compromise – there is the right model that has all the features you would like to have, meets your space requirements and your budget.

These tips are not to discourage anyone from purchasing an industrial sewing machine, but in fact, are guidelines to keep in mind as you shop. If you are looking to dedicate an entire room to your sewing, there are many sewing room designs that can be found online that will allow you to make the most of your area – and will ensure sewing remains the passion it is meant to be.