Infertility Remedy: Treat Infertility by Finding and Fixing Hormonal Imbalance

The hidden cause of infertility or lack of fertility is the acute hormonal imbalance of a women in her reproductive period of life. This is the time frame between menarche (first mensis) and menopause when (mensis cease). In men this period is ill-defined and we tend to called it andropause. Majority of infertility other causes are secondary to hormonal imbalance due to bad estrogen (estradiol, E2) dominance over progesterone (hormone of pregnancy or reproduction) or testosterone (controls sexual libido in both men and women). Elevated estrogen also stimulate the pathological rise of another anti-fertility hormone called prolactin (the hormone that prevents pregnancy during lactation). Elevated estradiol also tend to raise another hormone produced by the adrenals called cortisol (a stress hormone along with epinephrine and norepinephrine). Cortisol can raise the level of insulin and can also cause testosterone to be converted to the hormone of hair loss dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is five times more potent than testosterone. DHT along with estrogen (estradiol) are free-radical-generating, inflammatory, auto-immune-generating and fibrosis-chasing.

All these hormones are in turn controlled by the brain in a cascade of musical orchestra called the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis (the gonads are sex organs like ovaries in females or testicles in men) Therefore, mental stress or psycho-spiritual factors can cause infertility by distracting the delicate and intractable hormonal cascade sketched out above.

Let's not forget thyroid hormone in the equation. The thyroid is the butterfly shaped organ just below the so called Adam's apple (the thyroid cartilage prominence). Estrogen again prevents the uptake of thyroid hormone and prevails thyroid hormone (T4) from being converted to T3, the active hormone responsible for metabolism, mood, heat and temperature regulation – among other numerous function. If the thyroid hormone is low, it will signal the body to stop pregnancy and miscarriage may result.

Do not forget the largest internal organ in the body called the liver. The liver even controls ovulation according to Chinese medicine. This organ is central to hormonal balance and regulation in the human body. All steroid (sex) hormones are made from cholesterol 80% of which is made by the liver. Therefore, proper functioning liver is critical for conception and overall health without which conception can not happen. The liver eliminates excess estrogen from the body after it has done its job. The liver is like the president of the body and tend to correct derangement of other hormones when it is in top form and function. That's why it's called the liver.

The key in healing infertility is not just eliminating estrogen excess (or progesterone deficiency) but balancing all the hormones because the body craves balance and nature tend towards wholeness. This then involves a multi-pronged approach based on holistic view of the inter-play of all the sex hormones.

Liver friendly diet is the first line of action in correcting hormonal imbalance. This include wholesome living foods, green super foods (cereal grasses) and raw uncooked foods (avocado, tomatoes, mangoes, sprouts, green leafy vegetables) that are rich in enzymes. I have seen raw foods correct hormonal imbalance even without supplements Supplements are necessary but are not substitute for whole unrefined, unprocessed super food that nourish the body and prime it for fertility ready to carry a baby.

Supplements that correct the hormonal imbalance include magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-complex especially B6. They also help the detoxification work of the liver along with taurine, choline, lecithin, milk thistle, yellow dock, and dandelion. Estrogen cleanse is a supplement combination of 9 herbs and vitamins that you can use to cleanse excess estradiol and keep your hormones in balance. The ingredients include vitamin C, choline barbiturate, folate, vitamin B12, B6, Diindolylmethane (DIM), d-calcium glucarate, chrysin, and rosemary.

Other psycho-spiritual approaches to reverse infertility is to control stress and distress. This is due to the body reacts to stress in the same fashion regardless of the cause: emotional, relational, nutritional, mental, toxic, or physical stress. Support and tender loving care can go a long way in reversing infertility and enhancing fertility as well as conception