Information About Mixed Martial Arts Training Routines, Drills

The form of MMA is unlike any other martial art like boxing where you blindly follow rules. No doubt, MMA has its restrictions but they are not as serious as other forms. This style has more to do with skill than with technique. It is known as a no-hold-barred fighting sport where fighters are free to do as they please.

MMA is soon becoming a very popular sport all over. A lot of people are watching this form on television and noticing that it is way different from any other style of fighting. The training, the techniques, the drills are all different and unique.

The training and drills are the two main constituents of MMA and it is mandatory fro every fighter to be well versed with these in order to excel at this fighting style. A thorough knowledge of these skills will not only enhance the physical strength of the fighter but also improve his mental conditioning. One such important way of strengthening the fighter’s body and increasing the impact of his attacks is by core training.

One of the important techniques of core training is power wheel and hand walking. In this exercise, the fighter extends his body and adds a load to it. This process helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. Hand walking with the power wheel is also an effective way of improving the power and endurance of the muscles in the abdominal region.

This exercise is way more complex and difficult than it sounds. However, it is the most commonly popular complex exercise that the fighters indulge in. it is very important to take care of little details while doing this exercise. The correct way of doing this is by hand walking without letting your body sway. This will create tension in your torso and feet.

Another well known way of core training is by doing sandbag get-ups. These are similar to dumbbell or kettle bell Turkish get-ups. The only difference being that here, the exercise is not restricted to the enhancement of shoulder girdle strength or stability. Conducting leg staging with the ground helps in training not only the core but the entire body.

  Sledgehammer  strikes are yet another type of core training and drills that are taught to the MMA fighters. The long arm of the sledge hammer provides for a lot of leverage against the core region of the fighter’s body. The constant change in the gravitational center makes it mandatory for the fighter to strain his core muscles as to prevent him from falling.

The final exercise when it comes to core training is the lateral band drills. Band resistance is applied to the body on the sides, which puts a lot of pressure on the core muscles. The resistance pulls the fighter’s body in a different direction and he is expected to resist it while in motion on a different plane.

Cardio training is also crucial for fighters training for MMA. A lot of other training and drills are also taught at MMA training classes. Learning the important drills and performing them to the satisfaction of the trainers is the only way to ensure mental and physical power of a fighter.