Information on Being Remembered

There is nothing more hurtful than being introduced to the same person several times and still not being identified. Of course there are things you can do to help be more thought of. Below are just a couple assistive suggestions to never be forgotten yet again.

When being introduced to a person inquire on how they are doing. React their thought to show you were listening and not just being nice.

Be careful not to offended anyone who has variable thought processes than your own. If you disagree with the talk make straightforward statements such as that is interesting or I did not know that. This will help you stay in the conversation without being rude.

Use the SOFTEN process. Smile, Open posture, Forward lean, Stay out of their territory, Eye contact, Nod to provide understanding.

Compliment others about their success. Not just success connected to your business. For example if you overheard that a person just took down a golf tournament, congratulate them. If you know the individual has a new baby at their residence, offer congratulations on how awesome the little one is.

Stay connected in conversations, do not just be sitting there.

Do not yawn or look disinterested. Show others you are drawing pleasure from the discourse with them.

Make the effort to make a note of everyone's names. Using memorization techniques will help in this process. For instance if you meet a individual with the name Rose, that reminds you of your aunt who had rose bushes. Making this connection will help them connect to you at a future date.

Always grin and give a solid handshake when entering or exiting a talk.