Information On How You Can Help Your Dog's Arthritic Pain

Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints in the body. This disease has common symptoms and reactions in both humans and canines. Dogs that are of a larger breed are more prone to this disease and it is known to get worse with age, similar to human affliction. There are a few precautions you can take to ease the pain of your canine friend.

One of the main symptoms in an arthritic dog is that it finds walking and moving around quite painfully. If your house has hardwood flooring or slippery tiles then the dog may find it more difficult to walk because it will keep slipping and sliding on the tiles. To help secure your dog's footing you can try putting carpets and carpets on the floor. This will allow the dog to move around with greater ease and reduce the risk of injuries.

The bedding you provide your dog can also help ease its pain. Soft beds can make your pet feel more comfortable as the softness will support its joints and bones. In the case of thin dogs the hard bedding may cause its bones to rub against hard surfaces increasing its pain. You get a number of beds specifically designed for canines afflicted with this disease.

Climbing up stairs can also become very painful for your pet and you will begin to notice that it will start walking away from stairs or high surfaces. In this case installing a ramp might make it easier for it and reduce the pressure on the joints and bones.

Maintaining its diet is very important if your canine has this disease. The heavier the dog is the more will be the pressure on the joints leading to pain. It is essential to keep the dog on a diet that will keep its weight constant and on the lighter side. This does not mean that you must, at any point, starve your pet. Although exercise is also crucial to keep its weight in check you must not let its exercise time become too strenuous.

Lastly, there are medications that are available to help your pet deal with the pain. These can be easily purchased at pet supplies stores but it is a good idea not to self medicate. Ask a vet for advice and recommendations for the use of these medicines. And you must be very patient with it because it will take much longer for it to do regular tasks that used to be quite easy for it before.