Information on Hunter Humidifiers

When looking to purchase a humidifier one brand to look at is Hunter humidifiers. The company has been in business as the Hunter Fan Company since 1886. They are most known for the patented wickless technology and being part of the Energy Star products. Hunter humidifiers come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Benefits of the Hunter humidifiers are much like any others. The machines are low maintenance because they are easy to use and clean. It is important to keep your unit clean so harmful matter does not enter the air. Most models have digital dials to adjust output so you can monitor the output of water into the air. Add a hygrometer to your home to assure the appropriate amount of water is in the air at all times. Another convenience is that filters are easy to change and clean as well as the water tanks. Some Hunter humidifiers have the permawick filter technology meaning the wick lasts forever or use wickless technology. Both options save time and money.

Some Hunter humidifier systems are made with a regulated release system that continues flow and eliminates the possibility of stagnant water that can lead to bacteria and mold growth. Another prevention on some models for bacteria growth is antimicrobial properties. These key plastic parts and wicks have built-in antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of mildew, fungi and mold. For models with wicks, the units use top down water dispersion to spread water over the entire wick reducing performance and possible mineral build up.

A few things to keep in mind before purchasing a Hunter humidifier is the advantages a humidifier will have on your home and the precautions to take when using one. During the winter months a humidifier should be used to add moisture to the dry hair. The cold temperatures outside combined with the heating systems in homes can lead to dry, irritated skin, cracked lips, nose bleeds and unhealthy air contaminated by viruses. By keeping your mucous membranes moist, you also can relieve sinus aches, cold and flu symptoms. The lack of moisture can also be damaging to your home. The walls and ceilings can crack if there is not enough moisture causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Aside from preventing discomfort and damage, the proper humidity level reduces annoying static electricity which can be a lifesaver in itself for busy on the go people.