Information on Scaffolding – Temporary Framework

Scaffolding is a temporary framework used in the construction or repair of high rise buildings and other large structures. Usually scaffoldings are made using metal pipes or bamboos. Metal pipes are the preferred material, if the construction site is very high. In Britain, the metal used for scaffolding purpose are called tubes. Bamboos are still popular in Asian countries due to its easy availability and cost effectiveness. The main purpose of scaffolding structure is to provide a safe working place for workers who are involved in working in high rise structures.

Other types of scaffolds are: –

– The birdcage

– Independent scaffold

Single pole scaffold

– Swingstage

– Suspended scaffold

– Hanging bracket scaffold

– Cantilever scaffold

Scaffolding works are abidance to certain safety obligations and the minimum requirements are set out by the authorities. The key elements of a basic scaffolds are: – Ledgers, Standards and Transoms.

Standards are vertical tubes which are used to transfer the entire weight of the structure to the floor where the scaffold rests. These are also called uprights. Ledgers are horizontal poles used to connect between standards. Transoms are always kept in the way which make the right angle with the ledgers. It is a common practice to place main transoms next to the standards to hold the standards in place and to provide extra support to the boards. Main transoms will be connected by intermediate transoms to provide extra support to the boards as well as the scaffoldings.

In order to become a scaffolding success, good foundations are absolutely essential. Even though scaffoldings can be used without foundations, in some conditions such as concrete or similar hard surfaces, it is highly recommended to use base place irrespective of the condition of the floor. The working platform should also meet the safety requirements. These platforms must be close boarded, have enough space and have double guard rails. Since almost all the scaffoldings are dependent structures, the different frameworks used should be tied and fixed to provide stability and security to the scaffoldings.

Different types of ties such as through tie, box ties, lip tie and anchor tie are used in the scaffold construction in accordance with the nature of the structure. While constructing a scaffold, the supported scaffoldings materials such as platforms, legs, poles, frames, brackets, posts and other rigid supports also comes into the scenario. The most common and easy to use scaffolding is the all purpose scaffolding unit. It consist of one horizontal and two vertical cross bars, sockets couplings and ledger pipes. To ensure security, a scaffold should be incorporated in accordance with the scaffold plan and installation. When selecting scaffolding, many things such as the shape, design and location of the building should also be considered.