Information Worth Knowing About a Face Lift

A face lift (also known scientifically as a rhytidectomy) is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon that reduces wrinkles on the face and removes some of the more obvious signs of aging. Face lift surgery can help to improve and soften the look of the face and the jaw area. Aging is not the only thing that makes the face look older as time passes. Stress and sun exposure can also contribute to this.

Not only can lift surgery serve to improve your looks but it can also be an instant self-confidence booster. It is worth noting however that not everyone is a suitable candidate for a rhytidectomy. The very best results are seen in those who are in good health and who have skin that is still reasonably supple. In other words, the skin on your face must be able to move, adapt and be flexible to the work that would be done on it.

Some patients may decide to combine their lift operation with other cosmetic procedures such as a forehead lift (also sometimes referred to as a brow lift) or a neck lift. Whether you wish to have more than one procedure done at once is up to you and also up to the discretion of the plastic surgeon. Those who have realistic expectations about what a lift on their face can and can not accomplish tend to be the most satisfied with the final results.

There is more than one type of rhytidectomy surgery. The surgeon will explain your options to you at your consultation and will examine your face to determine which one he feels would be of the most benefit to you. The four main types of lifts for the facial area include the lower (standard) lift, the mid lift, the mini "weekend" lift and the thread lift. With many different options for you to choose from it is important to be guided by more than just the balance of your bank account.

There is a reason you want to have a face lift in the first place. Take into consideration the particular areas on your face that are bothersome to you and that you wish to improve. The recovery time for this surgical procedure varies based on which method is chosen and you therefore must decide how much time you are able to set aside to recuperate and heal. How you wish to look post-face lift matters as well. Take a close look at yourself in the mirror and decide what it is you would like to see your face look like once the bandages from your operation come off.